Interview with Noah Brandt of the Banana Forum

Who problems with his or Banana Banana Pi Pro turns the best to our partner, the Banana Forum . In the following interview, I have the maker Noah Brandt asked how he came to Banana Pi and how the Banana Forum was established.

The Banana Forum there since the summer of 2014 and has currently (as of February 2015), approximately 600 members.

Screenshot: Banana Forum

How did you start Banana Pi?

The Banana Pi came as a powerful alternative to the Raspberry Pi in the market, and as I got it I just ordered me, what was not too bad! :)

How did the Banana Forum?

When my Banana Pi then was there I first started a couple projects. This to me is always noticed that especially beginners major problems with the nonexistent support had. So I came up next to my blog on the idea to start the Banana Pi forum. As per the Banana appeared then, it was the Banana Forum!

What is the activity and interest of users in the Banana Forum?

The activity has increased rapidly since the start of the forum. At that time I was the only one who responded to questions. Today I can thanks to my great users also do not even drop by a couple of days.

How is the user feedback?

The users are of course very happy that they have a reliable source of support.

Which single board computer you own and what do you use this?

I have several Raspberry Pis, and 2 Banana Pis. A Banana Pi is used again and again for new projects. The other serves as VDR server, the Raspberry Pis serve as clients and replace my old satellite receiver.

What is your opinion about the Raspberry Pi 2?

I think the new Pi great. He is the single board fruit salad a great extension, even if he is the Banana Pi competition. Still, I’m glad to have a single board on which the software is compatible with almost 100%.

Are you into next to the Banana Forum in other projects?

Currently nothing. It’s just something very big on the march, I think the whole world will shake single board, and hopefully is very popular. That’s all I am saying but for now not to.

What about the Mirror Image happened to you operated?

The Mirror There is, unfortunately, only without front-end! I had to adjust to LeMakers Click unfortunately.But if you want to download an image on the LeMaker, and click on the „Germany“ Mirror, then you load the OS from my server! :)

Where is the Banana Forum available in the future?

What I have mentioned above in the other projects. Stay tuned!

What do you do when you are not browsing the forums?

When I’m not blogging or forum then I’m studying for a high school.

Final word:

Based on the given information of Noah and answers you can well see that interest in a German community is there. This is confirmed by the feedback from the community. I thank Noah for the interview and hope to continue working with you.


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