Interview with OpenMediaVault developer Volker Theile

In the following interview, I have the OpenMediaVault developer Volker Theile asked some questions to OpenMediaVault. OpenMediaVault is available for the Raspberry Pi, Banana Pi and the Banana Pro and downloaded 500-600 times a day. I would first like to thank Volker Theile for the interview.

How did OpenMediaVault?

In 2006, I was looking for an open source solution for a home NAS.
Here I am then met with FreeNAS. Since the software is not all the
Features offered that I needed for me, I started to develop patches for it
and the project founder Olivier Cochard-Labbé come to be. After some
Then time I finally got a developer access. Sometime left
me the original initiator of the project management. In 2009, the
deficits of the code base is too large to implement some new features,
which is why I decided to start a completely new development. As I
but they wanted to make based on Debian and the FreeNAS community not
was happy I started the OMV project.

How did this come to take Debian as a base of OpenMediaVault?

I wanted to take full advantage of Debian, so for example, the sheer
Number of software packages available, the developer tools to bsp. the
Create installation CD and the care of the packets by the community.
As a result, accounted for the really time-consuming maintenance of the packages I then
required for FreeNAS. This time could be other more useful things
use of which OMV provitierte more. Also, I busied myself
then in my profession with Debian and could from the experience so

What are your plans for the future?

WebGUI is currently on a new version of this used
Frameworks adjusted. OMV is then adjusted to Debian Jessie Next.
In the long run the configuration backend is revised. Are hereby
hopefully benefit the plugin and it will finally be able
made to create backups of the configuration and to import them. This is
currently not possible because the underlying backend simply not
is designed and the necessary skills do not have it.

How did the name OpenMediaVault?

The name should contain the function and purpose of the project, ie open
for free and open / Expandable Media for data / media / music / video / … and
Vault for safe / vault. In addition, it was then scjon quite difficult Domains
get with catchy names, so this art name. On the then popular
Libre behalf I really wanted to do without, as a not with the
Project to assozierenden name.

Be supported in the future more single-board?

As long as a Debian system running on OMV should do the same. Of Course
must depend on the platform where appropriate, special adjustments made
be, but my goal is to make everything as generic as possible
in order to avoid just such specific adaptations.

How is the feedback from the community?

As far as I can see, most users are satisfied. There is
of course always what the are not, but try here
Forum moderators and I are always on hand to address the problems
to solve. Meanwhile, there are also many plugins developers
be provided via

What questions are frequently asked by users?

I think this can not say so specifically.


German readers will find here the interview in German language

This article was translated by Google Translate


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